Finnish Education System

 The structure of the Finnish education system, which is seen as one of the best education systems in the world, has been examined by many countries. There is broad international interest in the Finnish School System and Teacher Education: PISA results The Specific Structure of Finnish Teacher Education The high number of candidates applying for teacher training has been effective. Pre-school education It covers 0-6 years old. It is provided in crèches and private nurseries according to family income level. The education of children aged 6 who will start compulsory education the following year is carried out in kindergartens and kindergarten classes in schools. It is a voluntary education process. It is free. The pre-school attendance rate of children within this age limit is 98%, which is quite high. Basic Compulsory Education (Primary and Secondary Education 1st Period) Primary education: 1st and 6th grade (7-12 years old) and secondary education 1st period: 7th and 9th grade (13-16